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Andree Nicole Inc. is premised on Excellence, Built to Empower and Created to Inspire all of Our Clients.  Andree Nicole Inc.’s development process is tailored to their businesses. We take on a very limited number of new Clients per month to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves – Our goal is quality over quantity and each Client will work directly with the Andree Nicole Inc. Team.  We involve our Clients in the process and do our best to keep them posted every step of the way.  Through our initial interview process, Client Questionnaires, Phone Calls, Skype, Google Hangout Sessions, and ongoing communication – We find out exactly what Our Clients are looking for and do our best to make their visions come to life. More than just a Professional Company  Andree Nicole Inc. aims to be a Business, Empowerment Consultant and sounding board for our Clients & their business’ when needed, putting Our Education, Life Coaching, Public Speaking, Marketing and Business backgrounds to work for all of Our Clients.  Our mission for all Clients remains to be Premised on Excellence, Built to Empower, and to create a source of inspiration for all to succeed for years to come.


Andree Nicole Inc. provides a 5 session interactive workshop titled Inward Treasures.  The purpose of this program is intended to strengthen, equip and create a culture of Women’s Health and Wellness, reduce stigma and discrimination, improve Women’s knowledge and awareness of Health Issues and foster environments that support resiliency. These issues are widespread and this program will consist of Women participating in Leadership development strategies, and Health discipline related programs and activities related to Post Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxieties after experiencing a traumatic event.

Andree Nicole Inc. provides a 10 session interactive workshop titled Paparazzi: A Different ME.  The purpose of this program is intended to Empower Young Women, establish a safe space and to build effective communication regarding their perception regarding positive body image, self-esteem, and relationships.  These young Women will also address issues pertaining to life skills, goal setting, sound decision making and personal accountability, personal Health & Wellness, and further develop an understanding and appreciation for Diversity within themselves.

Andree Nicole Inc. provides a 10 session interactive workshop titled Economics of a Young Rich Chick.  This program will equip the Young Rich Chicks with the necessary tools to achieve their dreams and be successful in life.  It will allow the Young Rich Chicks to fully understand the ins and outs of being Financially Successful through various Cooperative Interactive Activities which includes job search skills (resume writing and interview techniques, budgeting games and so much more!!

Andree Nicole Inc. is proud to offer the B.O.S.S Workshop.  B.O.S.S is an acronym for our Clients to Build Opportunities for Self Sufficiency. This is a one day paid workshop geared towards Financial mpowerment for those who want to cash in on this life investment.  For further fee registration & or information pertaining to the B.O.S.S. Workshop, please send all inquiries to

Andree Nicole Inc. provides additional services in the area of Life Coaching and Consulting.  Andree Nicole Inc. recognizes the propensity and abundance of our Clients experiences which remains to be a beacon of light that brings a fresh insight to ALL.  Our services and area of expertise offers a kaleidoscope of information, guidance, support and encouragement. Clients have the option of being coached and or consulted either in the format of weekly Circles, or through customized Empowerment Workshops and let us not forget about the free #FreeAdviceFridays from 10 am -12 noon every Friday.  The Coaching and Consulting Specialized Areas are as follows:

  • Women’s Health & Wellness
  • Dating/Relationships
  • Couples
  • Young Adults
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Business
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Educational
  • Personal Finance & Budgeting
  • Academics
  • Grief
  • Body Image & Self Acceptance/Esteem Building
  • Social Isolation & Bullying


An excellent network may be created for you and your Business; for networking succeeds by the application of hard work!  Andree Nicole Inc.’s insights and awareness in relation to your Business needs, expectations, rules & membership composition, will design a connected system of people within which referrals and opportunities will present itself to you and your business.  Let Andree Nicole Inc. provide Entrepreneurs like you, with our services, tools & tips to manage your upcoming Networking Event, that is guaranteed to connect businesses of integrity, as well as businesses of relevance. For you are premised on excellence, built to empower and created to inspire!

Should you have an upcoming Event and wish for Andrée Nicole to be a Guest Speaker, or if you require additional information regarding any of the Andree Nicole Inc. Workshops; please email us to contact and connect with Our Founder & Executive Director at and allow her to show you a whole other world of  to the Andree Nicole Inc. life.

We build powerful and memorable moments completely custom to your business needs and special occasions. We create to inspire and professionally develop your own personal theme from the ground up to seamlessly match your new or existing vision. Our Motivational Speaking Engagements Sessions/Events include inspiring, and motivational topics that features an array of topics of discussion, all infused with the Andree Nicole Inc. touch to make it perfectly match your vision. Please contact Andree Nicole Inc. for more specific details.



Various projects and sessions vary dependent upon whether services are provided on an individual, executive and or organizational basis. Hence the reason as to why there may be variations to the start price. Rest assured,upon request the pricing may be split into Milestone Payments. We welcome you to connect with us and pose all inquiries here: