Client Testimonials \\



Karen Carrington ~Entrepreneur (Greater Toronto Area)

“I first met Andrée Nicole on the set of The Nikki Clarke Talk Show!  Her eloquent choice of uttered words, her welcoming nature and peaceful spirit intrigued us all.  My son ended up taking a picture of the two of us that displayed this positive energy that I speak of; for Andrée Nicole allows others to feel comfortable, and that in itself speaks volumes.  I have attended many of her events including her most recent the Celebratory book launch, which showcased her wonderfully written books that celebrated her special milestone as a Published Author. I loved every moment that I spent reading her books by the Lakefront. Her candid and pure literature is a must read!  These books opens ones eyes and encourages one to have hope, to accomplish ones goals and reach their intended objectives. I have also had the opportunity to Co Host The Awareness Show, a talk show Produced by Joan Amanfoh Ajoko with Andrée Nicole.  Here I was able to see how extremely professional, punctual and how much fireworks of fun she is! Andrée Nicole guides, leads, inspires and sheds light and love to everyone she interacts with.  She is a strong woman, has unbreakable integrity and an unwaivering commitment in helping others to believe, achieve and succeed.”


Haylna Chevipolo ~Bestselling International Author, Speaker, Happiness Guru, BA Economy Coach at John C. Maxwell (Durham, ON)

“Andrée Nicole’s life experiences and wisdom were shared in such a unique way, that after each chapter a reader is able to take time to reflect on their own lives…amazing energy and good vibes throughout the book…”

Edwin Wong ~Photographer (Toronto, ON)

“Capturing these memorable moments of Andrée Nicole as an Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Educator has been with great honour. From her very first meet & greet at Chapters/Indigo Bookstore, to the Celebratory Book Launch at the Arta Gallery within the Distillery District, or having the opportunity to work along side her with the Andree Nicole Inc. website photoshoot, and see her in full action while she inspires her audiences at the various Motivational Speaking Engagements, and workshops that she has delivered to date. I just want to congratulate her with all of her successes and future endeavors.  Andrée Nicole, I applaud you, thank you for these experiences & I look forward in working with you some more.”


Derrick Sweet ~Chairman & Founder, Health Wealthy and Wise Corporation (Fenalon Falls, ON)

“Andrée Nicole is a passionate and caring Life Coach who helps each of her clients create customized plans and strategies to reach all of their goals.  I highly recommend Andrée Nicole and I’m sure that you will too!”

Paula Paterson ~Founder & Executive Director of Coffee & Cheese Cake (Missisauga, ON)

”Coffee and Cheesecake is building its brand to empower female entrepreneurs and encourage networking to achieve success. On Sunday December 7th, 2014 at Our Women On The Rise Event, we were honoured to have Andrée Nicole as a Motivational Guest Speaker where she captured the crowd with her passionate speech, sharing her own life experiences and through her great accomplishments, is living proof that even through life obstacles you can still achieve your dream.  Our ladies felt empowered after listening to Andrée Nicole’s Empowering words. Andrée Nicole was also a Guest Speaker at our recent Networking Event where she shared a reading from her publication 101 Inspirational Quotes.  In this intimate setting the women were able to appreciate her inspirational readings and many were inclined to buy her publications. We see nothing but success for Andrée Nicole and encourage you to check out her Publications.”

Siam Javeid ~Entrepreneur & Business Owner of Kaftan Designs (Ottawa, ON)

“As an entrepreneur of a fashion company called Iman Designs, it is imperative to provide yourself with the tools to drive yourself daily to believe in your product, which essentially requires you to believe in yourself. 101 inspirational quotes for US Rich Chicks is an excellent tool for this imperative process that essentially drives your company to success. The biggest component of success is to believe in yourself and equip yourself with the right tools to move forward. This book triggers those exact components of success as it enables you to believe, which then requires you to execute those goals and dreams.

I would like to thank Andrée Nicole for providing this essential tool for us women that empowers us to chase our dreams!”

Monica Kunzekureguta ~CEO Act To Grow Life Coaching, Certified Life Coach, International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Compiler, Entrepreneur (United Kingdom)

“When your intentions are clear, you begin to see opportunities. The Universe brings the right people to ensure that your visions come to life.  I was introduced to Andrée Nicole through a mutual friend, Ché Ann who is based in the UK.  It is so amazing how our goals, dreams and aspirations resonated with each other.  We are both Entrepreurs, Motivational Speakers, Life Coaches, Author and we strive to empower women.  I love what Andrée Nicole does, and I am looking forward in working with her and the many business ventures that are in the works.  Our first business opportunity is Andrée Nicole writing in an anthology book project, then conducting workshops not only in Canada & the UK, but also in the USA, Africa and Asia.  I am so excited, and cannot wait for us to impact people’s lives in a positive way.”


Jemilia Jackson ~ HSBSc, MSW RSW, Counsellor & Facilitator (Greater Toronto Area)

“Andrée Nicole’s Official Book Launch…It was Epic. I had the honour of being invited to Author Andrée Nicole’s official book launch on the weekend of July 5th 2015.  It was held in a modern art gallery with a loft vibe that I cannot get enough of.  The night was a perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation.  I’m so proud of this lady!”

Vivian Kung ~Life Coaching Client (Toronto, ON)

“When I first met Andrée Nicole, we seemed to have clicked right away. There is a very warm and positive vibe about her. During our initial call, Andrée Nicole was very open and open-minded. Her goal was simply to help me with my goals and dreams. During those sessions, Andrée Nicole encouraged me to pause and think about many things, this allowed me to truly reflect upon what I’m really hoping to accomplish. I began rethinking the way that I have used toxic words and have now replaced them with wonder words. This allowed me to analyze the reasons as to why I was saying  the things that I did. I now have a clearer idea as to what direction I must take, and I am looking forward to these coaching sessions with Andrée Nicole, in order for us to work towards achieving goals not only professionally and spiritually, but personally as well. I would highly recommend Andrée Nicole and her Life Coaching services to others. Thank you, Andrée Nicole, for all that we have achieved and all that we will achieve!!”

Deidra Mayers  ~Host/Reporter (Toronto, ON)

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrée Nicole at the Sisterhood Expo. Andrée Nicole is well spoken, confident and poised with a wealth of information to share with others. She truly has a light about her, which she isn’t afraid to let shine, but most of all she wants to encourage others to do the same.”