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Thank you so much for visiting Andree Nicole Inc. on the web.  As a Business Owner, Educator, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Blogger, and Published Author, I am always open to discussing collaboration opportunities with like minds.   From joint ventures and features to product giveaways and creative collaborations – if it speaks to and fits the Andree Nicole Inc.’s vision and mission statement; Premised on Excellence, Built to Empower and Created to Inspire, then the Andree Nicole Inc. team would love to connect with you and or your businesses.

Read below what the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District, and The Awareness Show is saying about Andrée Nicole

Ashley Craig ~Event Coordinator of The Arta Gallery (Distillery District, Toronto, ON)

“Andrée Nicole has a truly inspiring story.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrée Nicole on her Celebratory Book Launch for 101 Inspirational Quotes for us Rich Chicks and My Eyes Can See held at the Arta Gallery on July 5th, 2015.  The compelling readings and unique performances contributed to the very memorable and creative event.  Andrée Nicole definitely has a way with words!  Her motivational and empowering readings captivated all who were in attendance. I look forward to future events.”

Joan Amonfoh Joko ~Lawyer, Executive Producer of The Awareness Show (Vaughaun, ON)

“For everything there is a season” (Ecclesiastes 3) I am a firm believer of this bible verse. This belief of mine was reaffirmed on March 15th, 2015 the day I first met Andrée Nicole. She was a Guest on my The Awareness show promoting her newly released books ” 101 Inspirational Quotes for Us Rich Chicks” & “My Eyes Can See: A Year of Reflection and Insight”.
What I remembered most that day in addition to the awesome interview with her was the prayers she led before we began the shooting. We have never had a guest come to the show and say a prayer for the success of the show. That is the Andrée Nicole we have come to know and love dearly. The entire crew is still talking about that moment.

This little gesture, her authenticity, honesty, sincerity while on the show, plus, my above mentioned beliefs inspired me to ask her to be part of the show; she is currently a Co-Host of the show. Andrée Nicole is very hard working and always plays by the rules. She is never one to cut corners. She has a good sense of humor, very professional, dedicated, compassionate and caring. She is always willing to help others of which I am a beneficiary.

The Awareness Show has improved for the better due to her professional experience that she brings with her. She has been very helpful and quick to respond to any dice situation. The personal attention we receive from Andrée Nicole who patiently and professionally replies to our queries has been exceptional. Extra information from her regarding to the success of the show has definitely been helpful. The advice and recommendation she gives to our guests has made a big difference in their lives and to the show. Working with Andrée Nicole has felt like we are part of a team who genuinely wants to see the show succeed. Andrée Nicole possesses Motivational speaking, delivers workshops, and carries the title of a Certified Life Coach.

What is next for this awesome woman named Andrée Nicole? Stay tuned. As her heart begins to unbind, and a flurry of new energy and new ideas starts to emerge from her, there’s no limit to what she can do. We are just grateful and lucky to be a part of her movement”.


Andree Nicole Inc. is proud to announce that not only has Andrée Nicole published two books; My Eyes Can See: A year Of Reflection & Insight and 101 Inspirational Quotes for Us Rich Chicks.  Andrée Nicole has yet another accolade attached to her name as an International Author. The book of Anthology is titled, A Women’s Beauty is the Depth of her Soul which will be released in 2016.

Andree Nicole Inc.’s most popular joint venture to date is The Silenced Dialogue; an Anti-Bullying Initiative as well as a Character Development Program built around the entire school community uniting to say NO more to The Silenced Dialogue.  This initiative is dedicated to work  within the District School Board in defining the problems and solutions needed to incorporate Peer-to Peer Actions, making schools safe and helping Bystanders gather the courage to become ‘Upstanders.’

Andee Nicole Inc. hosts the  Premised On Excellence, Built To Empower Women’s Dinner which recognizes Powerful & Inspirational Women of Purpose within the Community.  This evening allows Women to network, meet and greet others, hear powerful & inspirational, and motivational speaking speeches from Andrée Nicole herself.

Premised on Excellence, Built to Empower Men’s Brunch also recognizes Powerful & Inspirational Men of Purpose within the Community to also network, meet and greet other like minded men, hear powerful & inspiration and motivational speaking speeches from Andrée Nicole & other Influential Guests from the Community.

Lastly, Andree Nicole Inc. hosts two Signature Fundraising Events each year to support the needs of our guests, increase our visibility in the Community and thank our generous partners & friends.  The funds raised at these events are critical to the success of our mission to be Premised on Excellence, Built to Empower and Created to Inspire!  Should you require additional information about Second Harvest, an initiative that gives back to the Community and their Families during the Thanksgiving season, and more details about Christmas for the Children or if you would like to review these opportunities to get involved and help support our guests, email us here so that we may connect with you.

We would love to hear from you, and develop a business, working partnership with you.