Meet Andrée Nicole \\


Andree Nicole Inc. maintains a reputation for being a Professional Company based in Toronto, ON with a strong focus on Empowerment development and execution. While Andree Nicole Inc.’s home may be in Canada, most of Our Clients are located throughout the Greater Toronto Area, the United Kingdom and beyond.  We place a huge emphasis on focusing on building an awesome strategic, quality practice.  Andree Nicole Inc. provides excellent Client services, and timely communication.  Our team consists of myself, and an impressively talented group of individuals specializing in completing the Empowerment circle.  Premised on Excellence, built to Empower, and Created to Inspire; Andree Nicole Inc. exemplifies the epitome of strength and is committed to implementing and supporting the visionary tools and tips needed to equip Our Clients to be successful in all areas of their lives. At Andree Nicole Inc., we take on a very limited number of new Clients per month to ensure that each Project and or Sessions of Andree Nicole Inc.’s Clients gets the attention they deserve.

With our purpose driven vision and delivery of optimal Educational Programs and Workshops, Motivational Speaking Engagement Opportunities, Life Coaching, Empowerment Sessions & Advocacy Services offered not only at the Individual, and Group level, but also at the Corporate level and may we also add our Signature Business Networking Events to this outstanding list; Andree Nicole Inc. continues to provide each Client & their respectful business with an opportunity to take control of their lives; to construct knowledge, skills and values within the context and awareness of self and success, not only for the now, but for the years to come.


As an Educator, Entrepreneur, Socialpreneur, Certified Life Coach, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker & Author of My Eyes Can See & 101 Inspirational Quotes, along with being an advocate for Anti-Bullying and Mental Health & Wellness, and a self taught Photographer. My goal of opening my own Empowerment Practice and incorporating it has always been a dream of mine.  Over the years, I have slowly geared my career path towards this goal, taking in every bit of business related to Empowering others, and gathering all the Entrepreneurial experiences, Public Speaking, Workshop and Life Coach opportunities I could get along the way. Working in the Education, Community, Health and Business field and Marketing world for the past several years as one of the Founders and Executive Directors of Rich Chicks and Rich Life Coaching & Consulting, I had the invaluable opportunity to develop my project management, business acumen and Client communication experience.  I have been longing for a place to call my “Empowerment home” to showcase the work of all these creative ventures as well as take on independently and build my own business as I have for so many others.

In April of 2010, while still working at my full time Teaching job, I threw together my own brand and website with considerable hopes and fingers crossed for ANDREE NICOLE INC. By December 2014, my business had taken off faster than I could have ever hoped and lead me to take the leap into full time self employment sooner than I thought.  With a lot of support, I am happy to say that I went full time with ANDREE NICOLE INC. March 31st 2015 and haven’t looked back. Since then, I have been humbled by the challenges and lifted by the successes as I navigate my most trying job yet – being my own Boss.


My better half, Wayne, my son Que’Shaun and I live in Toronto, ON.  Although we are enjoying the city life, my heart still lies in the town of Banff, Calgary known for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs. I had the opportunity to visit this spectacular beautiful community, and hope to visit again.  I am a proud Alumni of the University of Toronto and York University.  With a Masters in Education specializing in the area of Curriculum, a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Certification as a Life Coach affiliated with the Certified Coaches Federation, and have taken many Business Courses that I have now completed and have under my belt.  All of the later has kept me rather busy to say the least.   Family is everything to me, and I continue to cherish them, for without them and their continuous support this transition would not have been as easy. I love nature, watching the sunrise, the sunset, stargazing, butterflies, and advocating for those whose voice has been silenced.  Life is awesome.